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User & Contextual Research


While working with, I implemented several research-based initiatives to uncover user insights and find opportunities to drive growth. My team and I performed user interviews and contextual inquiries along with card sorts and other research methods. From there, I created a research wall where data and patterns lived and breathed and invited collaborators to post new questions, ideas and insights. I facilitated ideation activities and translated several of the most impactful ideas into initiatives, then worked with various teams to implement them. These activities ultimately informed several new products and product features as well as uncovered insights that shaped merchandising, marketing and business strategies.  


Throughout the product development process, I worked with both outside agencies and in-house teams to carry out early feasibility studies and ongoing usability and A/B testing.


Most of the images here are visual models I created based on the data and insights that came from our research, including a customer journey map and product detail model used for taxonomy & tagging projects. 

E-Commerce Site Wireframes

Pulse: Personalized Environments 

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