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Pulse: Personal Environments for Change


Imagine your immediate environment adapting to your personal energy needs. Through the use of stimulating or relaxing visual, auditory, and olfactory outputs, it instantly influences, tracks, and adapts to your emotional and physiological states so you can be more productive, more organized, and less stressed.


Working with a leading information technology company, our small team used people-centered research methods to perceive areas of opportunity in which to create new, meaningful experiences with current and emerging technologies.

We combined concepts of psychology and technology by looking at Ambient Intelligence and Mindfulness and also to emerging trends like Biohacking and brought them all together in a way that empowers users to not only perceive their present state, but to initiate a change that will continue to grow on it's own, adapting to data and ultimately optimizing personal tools for ever more refined states of being.


The latest tracking devices pair with the latest audio/visual technologies to collect data and transform the immediate environment to suit current needs. Users can program a variety of "journeys" using what they believe will be most effective. These might include any combination of colors, lighting effects, patterns, and other imagery (including video) along with music, binaural beats, ambient background noise and various scents. Heart rate and other real-time data is collected to chart against the user's ideal state and modifications are suggested or made based on individual readings. Visual, Auditory and other content can be extensive and highly customizable. There is a great opportunity here for massive content creation and expansion to more advanced technologies as they arise.  


The visuals below are just a few that I created to illustrate our concept and experience journey.

Click below to read the full design document which illustrates the entire process - from front-end user research and persona creation to concepting and solution development.

User & Contextual Research

One Bin, All In: Recycling Design

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