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Art & Illustration

Like many children, I loved to draw. Unlike most, I never stopped. I love creating artwork from my imagination and so much of my work fits into the sci-fi and fantasy genres. However, I also excel in other styles, including commercial illustration, architectural rendering, and technical diagrams.

Now, let's talk about AI. The capabilities of AI-generated art inspire, humble, and even frighten me. While I prefer to showcase my hand-drawn pieces, I've included an AI-generated art section at the end of this page. Who knows...perhaps my skill in crafting prompts will shine through. Regardless, the stunning imagery produced by AI deserves to be seen, not hidden away.

Sketchbook & Personal Projects  (1999-2010)

Client: Sony Online Entertainment | Everquest Character & Weapon Design - 2010

AI-Generated Art (2023-2024) 

Miscellaneous Concept Explorations

The "Odd Couple"

Typewriters / Writing Concept

AI Concepts

Filigree Headdress

Abstract Design Explorations

Fantasy Backgrounds


Female Samurai

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