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I love bringing new ideas & meaningful experiences to life.


My multifaceted background allows me to approach challenges with a unique perspective. I thrive on finding opportunities, making sense of complex information, pushing creative boundaries, and getting things done—all while remaining focused on the big picture. In essence, I merge the visionary thinking of a futurist with the strategic mindset and organization of a project manager.

After years of honing my illustration skills and expressing myself through various artistic mediums, I recognized my growing desire to apply my creativity in new ways and take advantage of my innate strategic thinking abilities. I attended a wonderful undergraduate program at Herron School of Art & Design that focused on experience design, design strategy, and innovation frameworks as ways to transform business and our world.

Experience Design is an integrative approach to value creation and a strategic force that shapes every part of the user's experience. UX & UI design, visual design, and messaging are only some of the facets that make up the larger concept of User Experience Design (or UXD). When applied thoughtfully, Experience Design is a powerful business strategy conceived and executed through the lens of the user.

My work (which extends well beyond the confines of this "portfolio") draws on my diverse background, talents, and curiosity and allows me to recognize and create opportunities to put new ideas into the world and perhaps even shape the future. What more can a creative soul ask for? 

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