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Psoriasis Patient Services


Create an innovative and differentiated, best-in-class patient support service experience for a new product that serves the psoriasis patient market while not adding a significant burden to or actions required by the HCP office.

I reframed the problem to reach further and explore deeper - the true needs of patients across the entire experience of dealing with Psoriasis. Disease is an emotional experience and the need to feel in control and empowered throughout treatment and beyond is important to creating an effective service. 



1. Create the ability for patients to form communities of both fellow sufferers and supporters around shared goals, values and experiences.

2. Offer an integrative healing approach (both mind and body) with first-in-class support and resources embedded in a variety of user tools such as symptom tracking, instant counseling, treatment options and so forth.

3. Provide a "one-touch" solution to managing prescriptions, tracking treatment and symptoms, and accessing resources and information.


Below are some graphics I created to illustrate some of the larger concepts of the plan.
 UI & Visual Design

Creative Workspace Design

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