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Creative Workspace Design


Design an open-concept office space for a 30-40 person creative, tech and leadership team in an existing historical building.

Understanding that there are several types of people, all requiring different levels of privacy, I aimed to design a plan that breaks the cubicle framework by configuring workspaces in such a way as to create both fun, tucked-away nooks as well as more central, open areas. 

It was important to have a combination of both open, creative spaces along with more traditional conference rooms for both large and small groups. I designed both into the plan, including two large rooms with a moveable shared wall that, when opened, creates one extra large meeting area. Also designed into the space is a centrally-located area for daily 'stand-up' meetings as well as a lounge area for relaxation and more informal discussions. 


Other areas built in are a kitchen and dining area, library and small telephone rooms situated to allow easy access for more privacy. 



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