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Ninja Pop: Exhibit Design


This exhibit concept explores the popularity of ninjas during the 1980's and attempts to demonstrate why they became so popular. 

The experience is designed to capture the same excitement and energy felt by many kids and young adults during the emergence and height of the ninja craze in the 1980’s, when pop culture began to reflect a wider variety of interests and found inspiration in Japanese and other eastern cultures. It reflects the intersection between the mysterious old world of the historical ninja and the bright modernism of the new.


Project Outline 

Research: An Object and it's Friend 
[Photo Documentation] 

Exhibit Ideation/Concept Development 
[The Big Idea] 
[Main Messages] 
[Look, Feel, Concept Map] 

Further Research & Visualization 
[Exhibit Materials, Artifacts] 
[Space Planning] 

Design Document 
[Complete Plan] 
[Document Layout/Design] 


CFI: Org & Branding Strategy

H20: Environmental Design

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